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The geological formation of Cappadocia is the result of two contradicting natural forces. One of them is the volcanic eruptions of the Erciyes, Hasandağ and Güllüdağ mountains which led to the coverage of the area with lava, ashes, tuff and volcanic residue. The second force is the territorial erosion that started after the volcanic buildup was over. The causes of erosion which gave Cappadocia its present landscape have been the winds, rivers, and rains.
The best way of discovering and not getting lost in the mazes of these valleys and fairy chimneys, seeing the hidden churches and the monk cells carved into the rocks, is by taking a Cappadocia guided hiking tour. There are several advantages to having a guide lead you through the area, one of them being the fact that the maps available are quite schematic and can be a bit difficult to follow at times.

However, one of the main reasons to go with a guide is their knowledge of all the hidden treasures in the valleys. On your own you may walk right past a beautiful little church or an ancient cave with original drawings without even noticing it. You should not miss out either on an opportunity to learn first-hand about the religious and cultural history of the people who lived there. All our hiking guides are passionate about exploring the valleys of Cappadocia and you are guaranteed to enjoy a unique and fascinating hike with them.
There are both regular and private Cappadocia hiking tours available to suit every taste and need.
Golden Hiking Tour
Golden Tour takes you for a walk in the most famous valleys of Cappadocia where you can admire their stunning beauty and incredible rock-formations.
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Hiking Tour 1
If you love walking and want to see the famous Red and Rose valleys in all their beauty and visit the churches and other hidden spots, then this is th
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Hiking Tour 2
If you love hiking and want to visit the picturesque Pigeon valley with its thousands of pigeon houses or the famous Honey (‘Love’) valley with it
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Rose Valley Sunset Hiking Tour
If you wish to hike in the most beautiful valley in Cappadocia and admire the sun setting against the red rocks of Rose valley, then this is a tour yo
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